Submission Instructions

Paper submission

To submit a paper, register to the CMT submission system and upload a PDF of your paper there.

Submission dates

  • 13th December 2019 – Deadline for paper submission
  • 19th December 2019 – Extended deadline for paper submission (firm deadline)
  • 15th January 2020 – Notification of acceptance
  • 22th January 2020 – Deadline for camera-ready submission

Writing a paper

Authors should take into account the following:

  • All papers must be written in English and submitted in PDF format.
  • Submissions will be rejected without review if they:
    • do not contain 6 to 8 pages (additional page of references is allowed).
    • violate the double-blind policy.
    • violate the formatting instructions in a significant way.
  • Authors will have the opportunity to submit up to 10MB of supplementary material.

More detailed instructions being given in the example file included in the Latex template. Papers conforming to these guidelines should be uploaded to the CVWW2020 submission website.


The author kit provides a LaTeX template for submissions, and an example paper to demonstrate the format. Please refer to this example for detailed formatting instructions. If you intend to use something other than LaTeX to prepare your paper (e.g. MS Word), you have to ensure that your paper looks as expected by yourself. A paper ID will be allocated to you during submission. Please replace the asterisks in the example paper with your paper’s own ID before uploading your file.


  • Paper format: Paper format is A4, two column. The allowed paper length is 6 to 8 pages.
  • Double blind review: CVWW2020 reviewing is double blind: authors do not know the names of the reviewers of their papers, and reviewers do not know the names of the authors. Please read Section 2.5 of the example paper for detailed instructions on how to preserve anonymity. Also remember to avoid information that may identify the authors in the acknowledgements (e.g. co-workers and grant IDs) and in the supplemental material (e.g. titles in the movies, or attached papers).
  • Dual submission: The papers are expected to present novel work. Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings. Authors will be given an opportunity to withdraw their paper from the proceedings so that no restrictions on submitting the work to other conferences and journals is imposed.
  • Supplementary material: Authors may optionally upload supplementary material. Typically, this material might include result videos that cannot be included in the main paper, anonymized related submissions to other conferences and journals, and appendices or technical reports containing extended proofs and mathematical derivations that are not essential for understanding of the paper. Note that the contents of the supplementary material should be referred to appropriately in the paper, and that reviewers are not obliged to look at the submitted material. All supplementary material must be zipped into a single file. There is a 10MB limit on the size of this file.


Once you update your paper to reflect the remarks and comments of the reviewers you have to uncomment one line at the beginning of your LaTeX source to make the target PDF ready for publication.

%\cvwwfinalcopy % *** Uncomment this line for the final submission

Should become:

\cvwwfinalcopy % *** Uncomment this line for the final submission

After that recompile your PDF. The line numbers and page numbers should be gone now and the names of the authors should appear instead.